This year marked another year of economic growth in one of the longest and most stable expansions in the world.

The Canadian dollar continues to grow in value, and the free flow of trade and investment back and forth across Canada’s borders is contributing to a remarkable level of job creation. In January 2015 the unemployment rate in Canada reached 6.6%, the lowest level in over six years.

It has never been easier to find a job in Canada!

40% of Canada’s workforce is composed of persons occupying management, health, sales, and service occupations. Recent immigrants tend to be employed more than their Canadian-born peers in sales, services, manufacturing, and hospitality.

Canada needs immigrants to grow!

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has found that recent immigrants are more likely than Canadian-born persons to be of prime working age. Almost one-half of recent immigrants (48%) are 25 to 44 years of age, while Canada’s domestic working-age population makes up only one third of the total (32%). As such, Canada relies on newcomers to grow.

This section contains valuable employment statistics for migrants interested in working in Canada.


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