Canada has much to offer visitors. It borders on three oceans, has towering mountains, countless lakes and a friendly cosmopolitan culture. Under the recently introduced Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), travellers to Canada by air from previously visitor visa-exempt countries will now be required to apply for and obtain an eTA prior to their arrival in Canada. The application is done online and authorizations will generally be granted within a few minutes to up to 3 days.

Although this visa does not entitle applicants to work in Canada, it does offer them the chance to experience Canada’s diverse geographic and cultural landscape for themselves.

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Basic Requirements

Applicants from certain countries can now begin to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) prior to any travel by air to Canada. This is now possible and will be a requirement as of September 2016. Previously applicants from these visa-exempt countries did not require any prior authorization to travel to Canada

Applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

  • possess a valid passport;
  • possess a valid credit card;
  • an email address; and
  • complete the online application process.

Results are said to be delivered within minutes but can take up to 3 days in some cases. Applicants must still statisfy conditions for entry and ensure that they are criminally and medically admissible to enter Canada.


Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Entitlements

As a visitor, tourists are free to travel anywhere throughout Canada and visit family, friends and experience Canada’s many attractions. They may also register for short courses relating to areas of general interest and self-improvement or to learn English or French. During their stay, visitors can meet with prospective employers or recruiters and seek out exciting employment opportunities, explore world-class schools and educational institutions to pursue further studies, and investigate options for extending their stay in Canada.

Visitors can also take advantage of the many world-renowned festivals, cultural and artistic events which take place throughout the year, as well as explore the majestic landscapes and many natural wonders which find a home in Canada, making it truly unique.

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