Importing and Exporting

With our aim to go wide in the International Countries, Our freight and forwarding services are open to all businesses and persons in Europe and Africa who have interest in bring businesses to Canada, We assured all businesses the opportunities of enlarging their coast to Canada.

More value for money

With the aims of enlarging our reach to many people in the country, We have the Photography and Video Coverage added into our event coverage services, This coverage service gives our clients trust in our service. Opt-in for this service as we give all our clients a good service for their money on their event when they subscribed for our Photography and Video Coverage Services.

Everyday is a party

ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited with the baby company has a series of local and international events on every monthly basis, conferences, training. One of the most trending events is our international business development conferences holding almost every provinces in Canada. Our conferences are designed to give international businesses opportunities to come to Canada to develop their businesses and or send their employees to come to Canada for training and development purposes.

Event Organizing

ITEN Travels Events and Conferences is a sub-company of ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited with many event planning and event hosting services. Our Event Management team are on virtual spaces throughout Canadian provinces, We always have one event or the other throughout the calendar months