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ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited works in connections with 3 countries which are Canada, United Kingdom, and United States.

Now based on our recognition in many other countries, we have received lots of request for a partnership and now we have just listened to the partnership request.

ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited believes in a long-term partnership. Every partner is special to us. We have a rich loyalty program for our partners including special discounts for disables. Contact us regarding all additional information about our partners’ advantages and offers

To become a partner with ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited you need to enter an agreement with us with a registration fee, The partnership is classified into two different categories, and these are:

Pro Level Partnership and Mid Level Partnership.


Pro Level Partnership:

Pro Level Partnership is a level that gives any partner under this category the opportunity to stand as standard representatives of ITEN Travel Professionals in their Country. it also gives any partner under this plan to be able to process Visa Services in the Name of ITEN Travel Professionals to their clients in their country.

Mid Level Partnership:

Mid Level Partnership is designed for partners who have little knowledge in the field and looking for ways to satisfy their clients. This category gives the opportunity to be a sub partner with ITEN Travel Professionals and they will only be handling all sorts of submissions for Visa processing requests and forward it to the Standard Representatives in their country.


All Standard Representative can handle payments for Visa Processing only after the approval of the processing form from the Headquarter. but for the sponsorship registration fee, none of these two categories have no authorization to handle it, all payment must be forwarded to the Headquarter in Canada.

All sub-partners are not allowed to handle any payment for visa processing, as all payments must be forwarded to either the Headquarter or to the Standard Representatives in their country. ITEN Travel Professionals Headquarters will handle all funds for the agency from monthly remunerations, administrative fees and office maintenance fees (Bi-quarterly) and all reports about each operation must be forwarded to the headquarters every month.


Termination of the partnership will be used upon any standard representatives who by any means violate the Terms and Conditions or Partnership with ITEN Travel Professionals and on such agencies that violate this rules shall have their partner account terminated.

If you accept these terms, to choose a category.

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