Under the Canadian Family Visa categories, close and extended family members are encouraged to reunite with their loved ones in Canada, through various different federal and provincial programs.

With a strong reunification policy and many advantages including excellent schooling options, subsidised health care and employment benefits, Canada remains a destination of choice for families seeking to reunite in a peaceful and thriving country.

Spousal Visa

The Spousal visa allows legally married same-sex and opposite-sex partners to join their spouse in Canada.


Common-Law Partner Visa

The Common-Law Partner visa permits eligible same and opposite sex partners who have been living together to establish their home in Canada.


Parental and Grand-parental visa

A Parental and Grand-parental visa allows parents and grand-parents to be sponsored by their Canadian children and grandchildren to live in Canada.


Family-Based Provincial Nominee Visa

The Family-Based Provincial Nominee Visa allows Canadians living in Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan or Newfoundland & Labrador to sponsor their eligible relatives abroad for permanent residence.


Dependent Child visa

The Dependent Child Visa is given for  children who wish to join with their Canadian parents.


Conjugal Partner Visa

The Conjugal Partner Visa allows eligible same and opposite-sex partners who have not been living together to be reunited with their Canadian partners


Remaining Relative Visa

The Remaining Relative visa is designed to reunite applicants with their extended relatives in Canada, who has no living close family relatives in Canada or abroad.


Parent and Grandparent Super Visa


The Parent and Grandparent Super Visa allows close relatives to join their Canadian members in Canada for up to 2 years at a time for up to 10 years.



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