Dina Constantinou 1

Dina Constantinou

Insurance Agent

Dina Constantinou is a Professional Business Executive with Desjardin Insurance Company Canada She will be on seat to discuss the important of having a life insurance and others.

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Anthony Iseyemi 2

Anthony Iseyemi

Director Financial Business Educator

Anthony Iseyemi is an educator in financial educational sect, and a partner in life insure. A businessman and an investor in a financial insurance agency, and will be offering many attendees the opportunities to be self independent.

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Mark Shelton 3

Mark Shelton

Sales Professional

Mark Shelton is a Professional Sales Director at Approval Genie Vehicle Dealer Company. And he will be discussing on how to be self independent, and through him, many have became manager of their own.

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Salem Marsden 4

Salem Marsden

The King of Capital Public Speaker

Salem Marsden is general private speaker on financial growth in many Canadian cities. From his speech, many people have learnt lot of things about their financial lives.

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Topics Covered

Business Development

Here’s your chance to learn insider tips and tricks for successful business development in Canada! After the conference, all attendees will have the knowledge of how they can help businesses grow with five simple steps that will enable them to establish a powerful businesses.

  • Introduction to Canadian Businesses
  • How to establish connections with Canadian companies
  • Why it is good to build a connection
  • After Creating connection what to do to Improve business workflow

Business and Creating Connections

We shall be discussing on the strategies of having a business and creating connections

  • Introduction to Canadian Markets
  • How to change the world with business idea
  • What Canadian businesses are looking for
  • Improving businesses with technical experts

Managing Business and Connections

Managing an establishment has never been easy, but our conferences gives the highlights on how businesses can be managed successfully and thereby return a big profits.

  • Introduction to creating business plan
  • How a business can be managed successfully with little funds
  • What techniques needed to be able to manage a business successfully
  • Benefits of having team of business managers

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Welcome to the home of International Events and Conference Management Professionals

ITEN Travels Events and Conferences (A sub company of ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited) is a professional manager and planner of International events and conferences, creating a bridge between the African Countries and the Americans with the main body which is ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited (A global travel consulting firm with offices in many countries of the world and Head Office in Ontario Canada.)

Established in 2012 and gives advice and support services in migration and traveling services to the public.

Our services include the following

Travel Consulting

Cross Border Outsourcing Services

Employment Training Support

Event Planners and Managers

Logistics Services in Clearing and Forwarding.

Connecting people with skills together with businesses etc.

  • 9:30am - 11:30am Welcome & Registration

    Registration of attendees, Verifying Tickets and Checking in

  • 11:30am - 1pm Lectures

    Business Lectures and Training

  • 1pm - 2pm Catered Lunch

    An Hour Lunch Time.

  • 2pm - 3:30pm General

    Rounding off and despatching to hotels

    Memories from Previous Conferences

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a parking space at the Venue?

    There is a premium parking space at all venues but each Ticket has what they covered and that will determine if a vehicle will be allowed or not,

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    Do you provide a free accommodation for attendees?

    Accommodations is not manage by iten travels and migrations limited, but we can help you with it if you pay the fee to get that

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    I’d like to purchase tickets for 20 members, is there bulk pricing?

    Yes, We love a bulk order, and there is always a discounted rate for bulk order, you can contact us regarding that and we will respond to that almost immediately.

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    Which payment methods do you accept?

    In order for us to satisfy the interest of many people that will love to attend our conference, we have partnered with Authourize.Net,Payment Gateway, Paypal, Square Canada, and Stripe who accept almost all kind of payment options in the world, and these are very secured.

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