ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited is an International and Professional Travel Consultants with many years of experience in packaging different visa packages that assist lots of people to immigrate to Canada.

Combo Visa Package

What Is Combo Package?

This Combo Package is simply creating an avenue to bring up two to five applicants together in a single work visa application, and this is generally known as combination of different application into a group.

How Does It Work?

ITEN Travels as mentioned above is a professional travel consulting firm with lots of experience in the field of travels and immigration assistant.
This combo package is designed to assist many Africans who wish to immigrate to Canada, this package helps to leverage the high fee to make it affordable for people with little financial capacity to have the ability to get work visa.

Cost of Processing

Comparing the cost of processing for a single work permit applicant which can be way high for many individual to come by because of state of economy in many countries.
This package has been designed in a way by which fees are shared among applicants and that reduce the cost of processing from one to the number of maximum number of applicants and group it into just one application.

Where a single applicant suppose to pay a sum of of $2000 for example, the sum will now be divided into the maximum numbers of five applicants paying $400 per applicant instead of $2000.

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