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ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited is known from on set as one among the leader in Travel Consulting and Immigration Assistant Firm. We are delighted in providing a Professional and affordable services to the general public and the world at large.


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Here is our few service which are provided with corpo care team.

Events Management

Our Events Management Services Stand out and target on business development and networking services which assists lots of companies both within and outside Canada to build more connections.

Family Development Services

We assist families and Canada New comers to develop and grow, With our RESP program, families are provided with adequate support to grow most especially families with more two children and more.

Financial Education

We provide adequate knowledge and with a determination to provide people throughout North America with financial education that empowers people to have a better future.

Immigration Consulting

We assist immigrants to prepare documents from start to finish and make sure they are stabilize and after stabilize, make them financially stable.


Our Insurance Package from CAD$750 to CAD$2000, which gives a health coverage worth CAD$12,000 up to CAD$50,000, Our clients are covered for any unexpected or any emergency health needs with a dedicated health professionals throughout Canada.

Tour and Airport Pickup

Touring within Canada Cities is very exciting, Our Airport Pick-Up Service is also gives you assurance of not paying higher than expected, Your Security is highly guaranteed

Want an easier option to immigrate to Canada?.


ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited with our professional and dedicated support staffs, we assist in the documentation for visa applications and save our clients of the hassles and with our knowledge, we guaranty a success delivery.


  • We are professionals.
  • We listen and help.
  • We are supportive


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