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Travel Consulting

ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited is number 1 stop point for all your inquiries about Canadian Visa types, We are a reliable source for immigration consulting services and solution to visa denial.

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Tour Guides

Our Tourism Services are one among the best in the Top Ten in Canada. There are lots of attractions places you will love to visit, and ITEN Travels tour guides are always ready to take you round Canada cities during your holidays.

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Event Managers

We are professional events planner, We host numbers of events throughout the calendar year, all our conference are premium and educative while they available for both residents and non residents attendees,.

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Type of Canadian Visas

ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited Documentation Processing Team provides help in the following Visa types
We process your documents with professional experiences.

Business Visa

Business Visa

Establish or move your business to Canada

The Canadian Business Visa program is designed to attract migrants who are skilled and experienced business people. Under these programs, favoured applicants include managers, business owners, farmers, self-employed professionals as well as applicants seeking to start-up a business in Canada.

Study Visa

Study Visa

Live and Study in Canada

The Canadian Student’s Visa allows a wide variety of students either in an academic or vocational sector to grow and excel within Canada’s bilingual borders. From simply learning of English or French to earning a Post-Graduate Degree, student’s visas allows students to expand their knowledge and expertise in Canada.

Work Visa

Work Visa

Work and Live in Canada

Through various Work Visas, Canada is looking to attract professionals from a variety of occupations and industries. Canadian Work visas continue to be one of the most popular pathways for migrants and foreign workers alike seeking to establish a new life in Canada.

Family Visa

Family Visa

Immigrate or Join Your Family in Canada

With a strong reunification policy and also with many other advantages including excellent schooling options, subsidized health care and employment benefits, Canada remains a destination of choice for families seeking to reunite in a peaceful and thriving country.

Visitors' Visa

Visitors' Visa

Travel to Canada for Business or Holiday

The Canadian Visitor Visas allow tourists, organ donors, business visitors and extended family members the opportunity to travel to Canada and explore the many benefits of the Canadian terrain, reconnect with friends and family, explore many attractions and make precious memories.



Work and Travel in Canada

The International Exchange Canada Visa allows young people the opportunity to travel and work in Canada (Working Holiday) for up to two (2) years depending on the program. The number of visas offered is limited in most cases and are offered on a first come – first served basis.

VISA Application Documentation and Processing Time .

Visa documentation can be so tricky for so many people due to meeting the requirements, but with our professionals, you will be successful in getting what you invest your money on. Our visa documentation services give clients the rest of the mind and procuring time is as fast as swift though the visa processing period and approvals depends on IRCC Office to decide.
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  • Reliable.
  • Fast Processing.
  • Integrity


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Premium Services


Our premium cooperates customer service are added with professional experience gives a productive business to business connections which develop a sense of growing wide for us and our clients.


  • One On One Customer Manager
  • Dedicated Support Team Available
  • Instant Solutions to Problems


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Why Choosing ITEN Travels

  • ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited is a professional standard corporation,
  • We put honesty at the forefront of our services and as our clients are the life of our establishment.
  • We offer value for your money.
  • We provide the best consulting service that earn you what you are looking for.
  • Our Services are one among the best in the Country


ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited offer international standard consultation in immigration services both to companies and individual, When it comes to procurement of visa document, Our Consultation and advice can be relied on for the best result.

Professional Documentation

ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited is a Canadian Corporation with wide experiences in visa documentation services
We have full knowledge of putting documents together for any visa types.
When it comes to Visa documentation’s Service, We stand out and we provide you with Professional Services.

Event Coverage and Tour Management

ITEN Travels Events and Conferences is the sub body of ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited who handle all our events and conferences.
We provide our clients with outstanding Services when it comes to Event Management and Coverage.

Looking for conferences across Canada and the United States of America, Our Events is the first place to consider.


Upcoming Events

Our events are focus on business development in Canada, We covered 5 Canada provinces Ontario, B.C, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and NWT and we are one among the best and affordable in the country, We always value your business with us, Our organized events is open for both local and international businesses around the globe.

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